Dr. Brownstein Retiring, Dr. Crane Taking Over Practice

Dr. Brownstein & Dr. Crane

Dr. Brownstein & Dr. Crane

World renowned surgeon Dr. Michael Brownstein will retire at the end of the year, after 35 years of serving the transgender and gender non conforming communities.

Dr. Curtis Crane will be taking over the practice, under the name Brownstein-Crane Surgical Services, beginning January 1, 2013. Dr. Crane has extensive surgical training and expertise, and will continue to provide gender related surgical services, in San Francisco. Dr. Brownstein will work with Dr. Crane through January 2013, teaching him his particular top surgery techniques.

In addition to performing FTM top surgery, Dr. Crane will expand the scope of the practice by performing gender confirmation bottom procedures, including MTF and micro-surgical procedures. He is qualified in both urology and plastic surgery and has trained in the US, Serbia, Belgium, and Thailand. He has over 10 years of training experience in this field.

Dr. Crane will also be accepting patients for general plastic surgery procedures including liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction, and other cosmetic and reconstructive operations.


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