Dr. Charles Garramone

Dr. Charles Garramone is the current World’s Surgical Authority on GenSculpt® FTM Top Surgery (Female To Male Transgender Chest Surgery) and the ManSculpture® Procedure (Body Masculinization). His practice serves an international clientele, and is focused only on Transgender Sexual Reassignment Surgery and Gender Confirmation Surgery.

As one of the few Plastic Surgeons in the world whose practice is solely focused on treating individuals who identify as Transgender or Gender-nonspecific, Dr. Garramone offers a comprehensive thorough treatment protocol for all of his patients, while maintaining a warm and caring environment.

Dr. Garramone speaks with over 2,000 patients a year and provides Gender related surgeries to over 500 patients a year. Dr. Garramone has been providing Gender specific services since 2005, and has been an advocate for the community since that time.

Dr. Garramone has the most documented portfolio of excellent surgical results from his patients, which have been posted to social media sites independent of Dr. Garramone.

“I am often asked the same question, ‘Why does everyone of your patients have an easily identifiable result, or Garramone Chest?’. My only response is simple, everyone’s chest is different. Everyone gets a different and unique result with their chest surgery that I perform. The reason why my results look similar or like a ‘Garramone Chest’ is because I contour the chest and place the nipples and scars anatomically where they should be. That simple.” — Dr. Garramone

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