Dr. Daniel Medalie

Over 20 Years Experience With Transgender Surgery

Dr. Daniel Medalie, MD is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has been performing transgender surgery since 1996. Based in the Cleveland area, Dr. Medalie offers Top Surgery and Metoidioplasty for trans men, and Breast Augmentation and Tracheal Shave for trans women. His vast experience and consistently natural-looking results, along with his trans-friendly staff have made Dr. Medalie’s Cleveland Plastic Surgery a popular choice within the trans community for many years.

Dr. Medalie is originally from Washington D.C. and has lived in both Boston and New York City as well. He graduated magna cum laude from the prestigious Harvard University. He attended Cornell University Medical College, and then received the honor of being the first physician ever accepted into the new and highly regarded University of Pittsburgh Medical Center integrated plastic surgery training program. This comprehensive program combined six years of general and plastic surgery training with two additional years of intensive research.

Upon completion of his training, Dr. Medalie was appointed assistant professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky, later moving to Cleveland to be closer to family.

Dr. Medalie has served as an assistant professor at University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland (2002-2016), Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Cleveland VA Medical Center (2002-2006), full time faculty at MetroHealth Medical Center (2006-2016) and adjunct teaching faculty at the Cleveland Clinic (2006-2016). He has now opened his new private practice location in Beachwood, Ohio, 35 minutes east of Cleveland.

Dr. Medalie is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgery.

He operates almost exclusively at the Wright Surgery Center, and is also affiliated with University Hospitals of Cleveland.

Dr. Medalie was a great choice for my top surgery. He was very helpful with answering questions and always responded quickly, before the surgery and afterwards when I had a few post-op questions. His staff was AMAZING. I couldn’t have been happier when I woke up because they treated me so incredibly well. I am very happy with my results and would recommend him to anyone looking for transgender ftm top surgery. — Patient, RealSelf.com

Dr. Medalie is an internationally recognized expert in the field of FTM Top Surgery. He has been featured in several documentaries about transgender surgery including ones on MTV and LOGO tv.

Dr. Medalie offers the following transgender surgery procedures:

FTM Surgery

FTM Top Surgery: Double incision with nipple grafts, Peri-areolar, Keyhole, Inverted-T $6700 – $7700
Simple Release
MTF Surgery

Breast Augmentation $6100 – $7100
Tracheal Shave $3500

Surgery Pricing & Consultations
Pricing includes Surgeon fee, anesthesia fee, and facility fee. Costs are general estimates only (May 2017). Exact pricing can only be determined following a consultation. Dr. Medalie offers phone and in-person consultations for a fee of $65. This fee is applied toward your surgery fee if you proceed with scheduling. The average wait time for a surgery date is currently 3-4 months.

Paying for Surgery
Dr. Medalie accepts cash, credit card, medical financing with CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit. He does not accept insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.

Surgery Requirements

  • General good health
  • Support letter(s) from qualified mental health professional, written to WPATH standards.
  • Dr. Medalie will operate on minors aged 16 and up with parental consent.
  • Testosterone is not required for Top Surgery; 1 year of Testosterone therapy is required for Metoidioplasty.
  • Smokers must quit at least 6 weeks prior to surgery.

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