Dr. Douglas Ousterhout

Dr. Douglas Ousterhout has led a distinguished medical career, specializing in facial feminization surgery. He began his education in 1961 at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and from there went on to attend the world renowned Minerva Institute in Zurich Switzerland. Dr. Ousterhout then received his dental degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and several years later, his medical degree from the same. After serving two years as a Captain in the United States Army Medical Corps, Dr. Ousterhout returned to the University of Michigan to complete his residency. He completed his plastic surgery residency at the prestigious Stanford University Hospital in Palo Alto, CA, where he soon became Chief Resident. Dr. Ousterhout then went to Paris, France to study under craniofacial surgery’s founding father, Dr. Paul Tessier, before returning to the United States to open his own plastic surgery practice in San Francisco, CA- where it is still located today.

Dr. Ousterhout holds degrees in both plastic surgery and dentistry, and is an expert in craniofacial anomalies and the bone structure of the male and female skull. He has been performing plastic surgery from his San Francisco office for over 30 years, and is one of the world’s foremost experts on facial feminization surgery. Dr. Ousterhout currently holds staff memberships at four local hospitals, including Davies Medical Center, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center Hospital, and California Pacific medical Center.

Dr. Ousterhout is also a clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at UCSF Medical, specializing in craniofacial anomalies. He is a current member of the Advisory Committee for AEGIS’s “Recommended Guidelines for Transgender Care,” and is the author of the 1991 facial feminization bible, the textbook, Aesthetic Contouring of the Craniofacial Skeleton, as well as the 2010 book for consumers, Facial Feminization Surgery: A Guide for the Transgendered Woman.