Penile Implant Surgeons

Dr. Loren Schechter

Dr. Loren Schechter

Based in Chicago, Dr. Schechter offers the full spectrum of MTF & FTM gender confirmation procedures, including Vaginoplasty, FFS, Metoidioplasty and Phalloplasty.

Address: University Plastic Surgery, 9000 Waukegan Rd, Suite 210, Morton Grove, IL, 60053, US

Dr. Kamol Pansritum

Dr. Kamol Pansritum - Gender Reassignment Surgery Thailand

Dr. Kamol is globally recognized as one of the most experienced Gender Reassignment Surgeons in the world, offering the full spectrum of GRS procedures for both trans men and women.

Address: Kamol Hospital - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, 1223 Ladpraw 94 Intraporn Rd., Wangthonglang, Bangkok, 10310, TH

Dr. Narendra Kaushik

Dr. Narendra Kaushik - Gender Reassignment Surgery India

Dr. Kaushik has 15 years of experience working with transgender patients. About 10% of his patients come from abroad and that number is rising. Dr. Kaushik offers the full range of gender reassignment surgery procedures including Vaginoplasty, FFS, Phalloplasty and FTM Top Surgery.

Address: Olmec The Transgender Surgery Institute, JD Block 2nd Floor 3c, Gate No 2 Ashiyana chowk, Lala Jagat Narayan Marg, New Delhi, Delhi, 110034, IN

Dr. Jens Berli

Dr. Jens Berli is a plastic surgeon in Portland Oregon who specializes in gender affirming surgery. He joined OHSU’s Transgender Health Program in July 2016. Dr. Berli offers chest procedures for trans men and women, Phalloplasty and Facial Feminization Surgery.

Address: Oregon Health & Science University, Transgender Health Program, 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd., Portland, OR, 97329, US

Dr. Curtis Crane

Dr. Curtis Crane

Dr. Crane is a reconstructive urologist and plastic surgeon who performs FTM Phalloplasty and other gender surgeries in Austin, Texas. He is the only surgeon in the world who is trained as both a plastic surgeon and urologist and has completed fellowships in both reconstructive urology and gender reassignment surgery. Dr. Crane has been performing transgender surgery since 2005.

Address: Brownstein & Crane Surgical Services, 575 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Suite 1, Greenbrae, CA, 94904, US

Dr. Pierre Brassard

Dr. Pierre Brassard

Dr. Brassard is a world-renowned SRS surgeon who offers the full spectrum of sex reassignment surgery procedures for both trans men and women in Montreal, Canada.

Address: GRS MTL, 995 De Salaberry, Montréal, QC, CA H3L 1L2

Dr. Sanjay Pandey

SRS Surgeon
Address: GRS India, Lokhandwala Complex Rd, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400061, IN

Dr. Parag Telang

SRS Surgeon
Address: Designer Bodyz, Shastri Nagar Lane 1, Shastri Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, 400053, IN