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New Multidisciplinary Gender Care Center to Open in Philadelphia

Despite the chaos created by the pending closure of financially beleaguered Hahnemann University Hospital, its demise will clear the way for a new multidisciplinary gender care center to open in Philadelphia, and Hahnemann’s Transgender Surgery Program and Transgender Fellowship Training Program — among the first of its kind in the United States — will live on in a new home.

Scheduled to close in September, Hahnemann University Hospital launched its Transgender Surgery Program in 2016 and its year-long fellowship training program for surgeons in 2017. Both cutting edge programs have been under the direction of gender surgeon, Dr. Kathy Rumer.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is now partnering with Dr. Kathy Rumer to open a “multi-disciplinary gender center”

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is now partnering with Rumer to open a “multi-disciplinary gender center” for LGBTQI people and their health care needs. Services will include psychiatry, endocrinology, preventative care, primary care, voice therapy and more. The new center will also commit to researching medical issues relevant to the community, she said.

The Transgender Surgery Program is already up and running at Methodist Hospital, a facility in South Philadelphia that is part of the Jefferson Health system.

The fellowship training program previously at Hahnemann will go on hiatus until it re-opens at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital next summer. (There will be no 2019-20 fellow due to the move.)

Rumer chose the Jefferson Health system due to their stellar academic standing, research capability, financial viability, and their commitment in supporting the transgender community. The facilities at Methodist Hospital are also impressive, with brand new operating rooms and patient rooms.

The partnership in the new gender care center and re-establishment of the transgender surgery program and fellowship training at Jefferson is a welcome development in the chaotic climate of Hahnemann’s closure, which has put the careers of more than 3,000 staff, nurses and doctors on hold.

2 thoughts on “New Multidisciplinary Gender Care Center to Open in Philadelphia”

  1. Anyone know of public housing around that area? Or housing for the mentally ill? I really need my surgeries and NC is as bigoted politically as can be
    Even tho the ppl don’t seem to have issues with trans ppl.
    This needs to happen in more places.


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