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TransHealthCare is the worldwide Gender Surgeon directory that’s built on the largest and most comprehensive database of surgeons who perform Gender Affirming Surgery. Originally developed as a private project in 2009, TransHealthCare was launched online in 2011.

Use TransHealthCare to:

  • Find surgeons who perform Gender Affirming Surgery;
  • Get regularly updated details about Gender Surgeons from around the world;
  • Request free information from Gender Surgeons.

How TransHealthCare Is Different

  • Years in the making, TransHealthCare is the most comprehensive collection of Gender Surgeon listings found anywhere. The TransHealthCare database is regularly maintained and reviewed for accuracy.
  • TransHealthCare is designed to help anyone find a surgeon, while many previous directories focused on just MTF or FTM surgeries. This wider scope is an asset that strengthens the project’s long term viability.
  • TransHealthCare is free to use. We’re entirely funded by Trans Media Network, plus our partner surgeons and advertisers—not through audience-solicited donations.
  • TransHealthCare includes a network of surgery websites that connect patients with well-researched information about gender-affirming procedures and the surgeons who perform them.

While we are more than pleased to be a part of your journey in finding a surgeon to perform your gender-affirming procedures, please note that we do not advocate or recommend any particular medical provider. For more information, please see the Disclaimer »

Who We Are

TransHealthCare is owned and operated by Trans Media Network, a collection of web properties that publish high quality content for transgender people. Trans Media Network was established in 2009 by Joshua Riverdale, a veteran web developer, marketer and publisher who just happens to be transgender.