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Dr. Javad Sajan

Recognized As One of Seattle’s Best Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Javad Sajan, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Seattle who specializes in Gender-Affirming Surgery. Dr. Sajan places the highest priority on providing his transgender patients with excellent surgical care and natural-looking results. His skill and dedication have made him a sought-after surgeon and internationally recognized expert.

Dr. Sajan offers the following procedures: FTM Top Surgery, Breast Augmentation, Facial Feminization, Body Sculpting, Buttock Augmentation and Tracheal Shave.

Dr. Sajan is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). He is regularly invited to lecture both nationally and internationally by organizations such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

5 Stars “Dr. Sajan and his staff were some of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered in the medical world. They made my entire experience quick, informative and pleasant. The follow up care I received was excellent. I would definitely recommend him for Top Surgery to anyone near the Seattle area. He was confident, reassuring and has great bedside manner. He really knows what he’s doing and even has his own surgical techniques. I couldn’t be more happy with my results.” – Riley S.

Dr. Sajan’s research has been published in multiple peer reviewed journals such as The Journal of Surgical Research and JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. In 2011, Dr. Sajan was one of only five physicians in the U.S. to be awarded the prestigious CORE Grant. This helped fund the development of Dr. Sajan’s Advanced Facial Simulator, a model used to teach surgeons cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. It is the only model of its kind in the world.

In addition to his surgical practice and research work, Dr. Sajan is actively involved in a number of humanitarian causes benefiting women and children. Most notably, he is the Founder and Director of the Zera Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping uplift women and children around the world. This includes pro bono surgery, food drives, and regular volunteer work within the community.

Dr. Sajan performs surgeries at his state-of-the-art facility in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Sajan’s Top Surgery Results

ProcedurePrice (USD)
Top Surgery: Double Incision with Nipple Grafts, Inverted-T, Peri-Areolar, Keyhole. Pricing includes chest contouring with liposuction. No drains!$8500
Body MasculinizationVaries
Body Sculpting / FeminizationVaries
Breast Augmentation with saline implants$5995
Breast Augmentation with silicone implants$7495
Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear round implants$8495
Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear anatomical implants$9495
Buttock Augmentation - Brazilian Butt Lift$4085
FFS: Hairline Correction$4000-7000
FFS: Forehead Recontouring$8995
FFS: Brow Lift$5995
FFS: Rhinoplasty$8995
FFS: Lip Lift$6995
FFS: Chin Reduction$4995
FFS: Chin Implant$4995
FFS: Jaw RecontouringVaries
FFS: Tracheal Shave$7995
Hair Grafting (FUE)$6/graft + $350 setup fee

Pricing includes: Surgeons’ Fee, Facility fee, Anesthesia fee, Post-op garments (1). Costs are general estimates only (November 2022.) Exact pricing can only be determined following a consultation.

Consultations with Dr. Sajan
Dr. Sajan offers in-person and phone consultations for a fee of $100.

5 Stars “I received Top Surgery with Dr. Sajan on Aug. 3 and was scared out of my mind. The staff were all extremely nice and understanding with me and made sure that I was as comfortable as they could make me! Dr. Sajan himself was friendly and accommodating to the point where I was actually shocked with how above and beyond he went to ensure I received the best care and results possible. Genuinely could not recommend him highly enough.” – Mikey A.

Cash, all credit cards, and check are accepted. Medical financing via Care Credit, Alphaeon, and United Medical Credit is also accepted. Dr. Sajan accepts insurance from multiple carriers. He does not accept Medicare or Medicaid (Apple Health.)

Surgery Requirements
No specific surgery requirements. Dr. Sajan operates with informed consent, and will operate on minors with parental consent.