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Dr. Kriya Gishen

Expert Facial Feminization Surgeon in Los Angeles

Dr. Kriya Gishen, MD is an Ivy League-trained plastic and craniofacial surgeon in Beverly Hills who specializes in Facial Feminization Surgery. Dr. Kriya is fellowship-trained in craniofacial surgery which gives her the knowledge and experience needed to perform reconstructive facial surgery with a high degree of skill and finesse. She is known not only for her surgical mastery but also for her deeply personal manner with her patients. In addition to Facial Feminization, Dr. Kriya is also highly proficient in Body Sculpting and Breast Augmentation.

Education and Training

  • Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island – Bachelor of Science degree.
  • University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine – Medical degree.
  • University of Miami – Plastic Surgery Residency.
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – Craniofacial / Facial Feminization Fellowship.

Dr. Kriya sought out the most comprehensive training, completing her plastic surgery residency at the University of Miami, one of the top academic centers in the country for body contouring, followed by a craniofacial fellowship at UCLA, which is considered one of the most renowned craniofacial programs in the world. At both institutions, Dr. Kriya was trained in gender-affirming surgery and participated in countless FFS, Top Surgery, Breast Augmentation and Body Sculpting procedures.

Additionally, Dr. Kriya has formal visual arts training and her background as a sculptor greatly influences her approach to surgery. She has a discerning eye for shape and proportion that works in perfect unity with her surgical skills.

Research and Awards
Dr. Kriya has published several book chapters and peer-reviewed articles on craniofacial reconstruction, and has also reviewed for leading surgical journals including the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. As a trained medical illustrator, Dr. Kriya has illustrated several plastic surgery textbooks and articles.

Dr. Kriya was awarded the prestigious Alan Livingstone and Robert Zeppa awards for her research on the treatment of vascular malformations in infants, and has received numerous national awards for her work in sculpture and photography.

Facial Feminization Procedures

Facial Feminization Surgery refers to a range of soft tissue and bone procedures that enhance the overall feminine appearance of the face. These procedures treat three different sections of the face: the upper, middle and lower thirds. This modularity makes it possible to identify specific facial features that could be reconstructed, either on their own or in tandem with other procedures, depending on patient goals. However, it’s important to consider the whole facial appearance, as modifying the features of one section of the face can change how other parts of the face are perceived. This underscores the need to work with a surgeon who is experienced with all aspects of gender-affirming facial surgery.

Dr. Kriya has highly specialized training in the surgical manipulation of both bone and soft tissues of the face. She has deep experience performing FFS either as a single stage or in multiple stages. Her goal with every patient is to create natural-looking results that are aesthetically proportionate and in accordance with her patients’ perceptions of beauty. Dr. Kriya is exceptionally skilled with:

  • Hairline Lowering Surgery
  • Forehead Reduction and Contouring
  • Brow Lift
  • Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)
  • Cheek Enhancement – with Fat Grafting
  • Lip Augmentation – with Fat Grafting
  • Chin Contouring
  • Jaw Contouring

View Facial Feminization Surgery before and after photos on Dr. Kriya’s Instagram account »

Dr. Kriya strives to create a harmonious balance between facial features and can make recommendations for complimentary aesthetic procedures to enhance results, such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and neck liposuction.

Dr. Kriya enjoys getting to know her patients, to fully understand their needs and create a personalized approach to realize their surgery goals. To design a highly accurate treatment plan, Dr. Kriya uses Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) which employs 3D imaging software to provide a realistic visualization of the planned outcome, serving as a helpful communication tool between patient and surgeon. More than just a 3D model, VSP defines procedures down to the millimeter to ensure surgical precision and symmetrical results.

Body and Breast/Chest Procedures
With her training in body contouring, plus her background as a sculptor, Dr. Kriya also skillfully performs body sculpting and breast procedures, including Top Surgery. She has a deep understanding of body contours, helping her to create flawless results every time.

Dr. Kriya operates at Rodeo Surgery Center in Beverly Hills. She is affiliated with Cedars-Sinai, Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital and Providence Saint John’s Health Center.

Speak With Dr. Kriya
Dr. Kriya is available for in-person, virtual and phone consultations. Dr. Kriya has dedicated a significant part of her practice to gender-affirming surgery, with up to 75% of her patients seeking this care. All staff in the office have undergone sensitivity training, intake forms are gender neutral, a non-discrimination policy is posted and information specific to LGBT patients is on display. With every interaction with Dr. Kriya’s practice, you’ll experience a caring environment that will immediately put you at ease. Se habla Español.

Traveling To See Dr. Kriya
Dr. Kriya sees patients from around the world. If you’re coming to Los Angeles from out-of-town, be sure to ask Dr. Kriya’s office staff about local recommendations that will help make your stay relaxing and rejuvenating.

Costs, Financing and Insurance
Dr. Kriya accepts cash, credit cards, check and medical financing, as well as insurance, Medicaid and Medicare. Dr. Kriya firmly believes in the reconstructive nature of gender-affirming facial, breast and body surgery and is adamant about insurance coverage for these procedures. She has successfully billed Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna and United Health Care, and is working on establishing coverage through L.A. Care Health Plan and Medi-Cal.

Surgery Requirements

  • Dr. Kriya is a Member of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health and follows WPATH guidelines for surgery. A letter of recommendation from a qualified mental health provider is required.
  • No smoking for four weeks prior to and after surgery.
  • BMI of less than 33
  • Dr. Kriya will operate on minors when deemed medically necessary and with parental consent.

Have questions for Dr. Kriya? Contact her office by clicking the Send Inquiry button.