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Dr. Scott Mosser

Top Surgery Expert in San Francisco

Dr. Scott W. Mosser, MD, FACS is an award-winning surgeon in San Francisco who has been helping transgender, non-binary and gender expansive patients for more than 10 years. He is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, co-founder of the American Society of Gender Surgeons (ASGS), Medical Director of the Gender Institute at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, a member of WPATH, and co-chair of the Surgery and Beyond professional conference. Dr. Mosser offers FTN and FTM Top Surgery, MTN and MTF Breast Augmentation and Body Sculpting.

Dr. Mosser is also a member of:

  • American Society of Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  • Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery
  • Canadian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

Dr. Mosser earned his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Trinity University and his MD from Baylor College of Medicine. He completed an internship and six years of comprehensive general and plastic surgery training at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH, as well as a year-long Aesthetic Fellowship in cosmetic surgery in San Francisco.

Dr. Mosser’s private practice is located in downtown San Francisco. He performs surgery in his clinic and at other certified surgery centers in the area:

  • Vista Surgery Center
  • San Francisco Surgery Center
  • California Pacific Medical Center
  • Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
  • Saint Mary’s Hospital

Dr. Mosser performs the following gender confirmation procedures:

ProcedurePrice (USD)
Top Surgery: Double Incision with Nipple Grafts, Inverted-T, Peri-Areolar, Keyhole, Trans-areola with Nipple Reduction$8500-$10,000
Body Sculpting - 1 area$5500-$6500
Body Sculpting - whole trunk$9500-$10,500
MTF/N Breast Augmentation$8000-$9500
Brazilian Butt Lift$15,000-$18,000

Pricing includes: Consultations before surgery and follow-up appointments after surgery, surgeon’s fee, operating room fees, anesthesia fee, implants and postoperative garments. Costs above are general estimates only. Exact pricing can only be determined following a consultation.

Waiting List: The wait time for a consultation is approximately 1 month. Wait time for a surgery date is approximately 2-3 months following consultation.

FTN and FTM Top Surgery

Dr. Mosser has more than 10 years’ experience performing FTM/N Top Surgery. He is an expert in all types of Top Surgery procedures, including Double Incision, Peri-areolar and Keyhole, as well as Buttonhole, Inverted-T and others. Dr. Mosser will discuss these methods with you in detail at your consultation and will offer his professional recommendation as to which should be used based on your chest size and skin elasticity.

MTN and MTF Breast Augmentation

MTF/N Breast Augmentation is a surgery that can improve your self-esteem and confidence. Dr. Mosser specializes in MTF Breast Augmentation. He offers both saline and silicone implants and will discuss the pros and cons of each during your consultation. Incision location will largely depend on your preferences though Dr. Mosser usually recommends placing breast implants through an incision in the inframammary fold at the bottom of the chest muscle.

To view MTF/N Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos, please see Dr. Mosser’s website.

Body Sculpting: Body Masculinization, Body Feminization & Body Neutralization

Cis men and women have different body shapes, defined not just by skeletal structure but also by muscle and fat distribution. If you would like to further feminize, masculinize or neutralize your body shape, Dr. Mosser can help. Dr. Mosser offers Body Contouring Liposuction (fat removal) for transgender men and women, as well as the Brazilian Butt Lift for women. Multiple areas of the body can be treated, including flank, thighs, chest, back and buttocks.

Consultations with Dr. Mosser
Dr. Mosser offers FREE in-person and virtual consultations.

Dr. Mosser has a reputation as a compassionate and caring physician who listens to his patients. During your consultation, Dr. Mosser will listen carefully to understand your goals, and will then provide you with your best surgical options and his professional recommendations. He’ll spend time talking with you about what to expect, believing that the best results are obtained when the patient understands the process.

Traveling to See Dr. Mosser
Patients come from out of state and out of the country to have surgery with Dr. Mosser. His staff will help coordinate your stay in San Francisco, from pick up at the airport and local accommodations to consultation, surgery and follow up appointments.

His office is close to popular destinations if you’re traveling to San Francisco and would like to make a vacation out of this experience! Please see below for a list of popular destinations to checkout while you’re in San Francisco and how far they are away from our office:

  • Golden Gate Bridge: 6 miles
  • The Painted Ladies: 2 miles
  • Alcatraz Island: 1.5 miles
  • Union Square: Our office is IN Union Square
  • Chinatown: .5 miles
  • Palace of Fine Arts: 3 miles
  • The Castro: 4 miles

Dr. Mosser understands that surgery is a big expenditure both emotionally and financially so he’s done your research for you regarding the best deals for your lodging. Please contact his office today to see what your options are.

Need help with transportation?
San Francisco is only 7 square miles so getting to your pre-op appointment, surgery and post-op appointment is pretty easy. Dr. Mosser offers free travel vouchers upon request, contact the office for more details.

Need help with overnight care?
If you’re getting top surgery, then you’ll need someone to stay with you overnight to observe you. If you are unable to bring along a friend or family member to watch you for the first 24 hours after surgery our trans resource connector can help you find someone.

Need help with lodging?
We have a trans resource connector who can walk you through the best deals in town that’s still within close proximity to Dr. Mosser’s.

An initial virtual consultation can be arranged for those traveling for surgery. You’ll have the opportunity to talk with Dr. Mosser about your surgical goals and overall health, surgery procedures, post-op care, costs and more. Dr. Mosser may also request photographs of your chest to our office for a visual evaluation.

Dr. Mosser and his staff look forward to speaking with you and will be pleased to answer any questions you might have. Please contact his office for an in-person or virtual consultation.

Financing and Insurance
Dr. Mosser accepts insurance for some procedures. Dr. Mosser is currently accepting insurance from the following companies:

  • Anthem BC (Anthem Blue Cross)
  • Blue Shield
  • Blue Cross
  • Aetna
  • Aetna (Student Services for University of California System)
  • Cigna
  • United Health Care
  • Brown & Toland HMO
  • Health Net
  • Health Plan of San Joaquin
  • Hill Physicians IPA
  • Mercy Medical Group
  • Meritage IPA (“WHA Medical Groups”)
  • Northbay Medical Group
  • Western Health Advantage (“WHA”)
  • UC Davis Medical Group

If your insurance company is not listed here, don’t worry–Dr. Mosser may still be able to get your surgery covered. Please contact his office for more information.

Dr. Mosser also accepts CareCredit, a type of medical financing that works much like a credit card. If you decide to sign up for a CareCredit credit card we offer 6 months no interest.

Surgery Requirements

  • Good physical and psychological health
  • Hormone therapy is not required.
  • Dr. Mosser uses informed consent and support letters from a mental health provider are not required.
  • 18+