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Dr. Alan Dulin

Experienced Surgeon for Transgender Surgery in Texas

Dr. Alan Dulin, MD is a board-certified surgeon with many years of experience performing transgender surgeries in the Dallas area, including Top Surgery and Metoidioplasty for trans men, and Breast Augmentation, Facial Feminization and Orchiectomy for trans women.

Dr. Dulin’s expertise is backed by an impressive academic and training background. He received his medical degree from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and completed an extended plastic surgery residency at the Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas, one of the top 15 teaching hospitals in the U.S.

Dr. Dulin is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and is a member of:

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Medical Association
  • Texas Medical Association
  • Texas Society of Plastic Surgery
Meet Dr. Dulin at a conference! Dr. Dulin regularly attends and presents at transgender conferences around the U.S., such as Southern Comfort and the Black Transman Conference.

Dr. Dulin performs surgery at the state-of-the-art Surgery Center of Texas. This 20,000 square foot facility is fully accredited with licensure through the Texas Department of Health, and also maintains Federal Medicare Certification, the highest level of certification in the U.S. for an ambulatory surgery center. The center is located in Plano, just 30 minutes from DFW International Airport.
Dr. Alan Dulin also has surgical privileges at the Medical Center of Plano, Presbyterian Hospital of Plano, Texas Health Center for Surgery and Diagnostics and Baylor Medical Center of Frisco.

FTM Top Surgery in Texas

Dr. Dulin performs a few different types of Top Surgery:

  • Double Incision with free nipple grafts
  • Double Incision with free nipple grafts plus Liposuction (to reduce likelihood of “dogears” in patients with extra lateral chest tissue.)
  • Keyhole Top Surgery or Peri-areolar mastectomy

Drain-free Method: Dr. Dulin and the surgeons at the American Institute for Plastic Surgery developed a surgical technique for Top Surgery that eliminates the need for post-operative surgical drains. For several years now, patients have had great results with this approach and have not had to endure the discomfort that drains often cause.

Other masculinizing surgeries available: Metoidioplasty, Body Contouring.

“Dr. Dulin is very skilled and has my chest looking the way i always imagined. The staff went over and beyond to make sure all needed paperwork was provided to my employer and insurance company. I am very happy in my decision to have had my surgery done by Dulin and his office.”

“I have many Trans* friends who recommended Dr. Dulin, and after my surgery, I can see why. I love the results that I have. I am an average build man, and I love my results. I have had friends with different body types, and he has always done a great job. He recommended liposuction, and I went with it- worth the extra money because now I have the male-sculpted chest that I’ve wanted and saved for.”

Male-to-Female Surgery in Texas

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a key surgery for many trans women, and Dr. Dulin has the experience to address facial features with procedures such as a brow lift, cheek and/or chin implants, lip augmentation, and rhinoplasty, among others.

Breast Augmentation is a surgery that Dr. Dulin has a deep understanding of, and he can make experienced recommendations regarding technique, implant size and placement to help you get the curves you desire.

Orchiectomy is a procedure that removes the testicles and the spermatic cord, which reduces androgen production and can result in reduced hormone requirements and/or increased feminization. Dr. Dulin performs the Inguinal Orchiectomy method.

Body Sculpting helps the MTF patient achieve the optimal female shape for their body. Using liposuction, Dr. Dulin can target areas of the mid-section, abdomen, midriff, flanks (love handles), outer thighs and mid-back to give you a curvier look.

“Dr. Dulin makes you feel very comfortable and is extremely patient when answering any questions or concerns.”

“Very professional and welcoming staff. As someone who is trans, I could not be more satisfied with the level of care I received there.”

ProcedurePrice (USD)
Top Surgery: Double Incision with Nipple Grafts, Double Incision with Nipple Grafts and Liposuction, Peri-Areolar, KeyholeStarting at $6750
Metoidioplasty: Simple Release$4500
Metoidioplasty with Scrotoplasty and Testicular Implants$10,000
Metoidioplasty with Scrotoplasty, Testicular Implants and Vaginectomy$16,000
Body SculptingVaries

Costs are general estimates only (November 2015.) Exact pricing can only be determined following a consultation.

Arranging Your Surgery with Dr. Dulin

Dr. Dulin is available for free in-person consultations.

Wait List
Your surgery date can be booked within 1 month of your consultation.

Out of Town Patients
Dr. Dulin regularly works with patients who travel to Texas from out-of-state and from abroad. If you are traveling for surgery, be sure to ask Dr. Dulin’s staff for information about ways to make your trip more comfortable and convenient.

Surgery Pricing
Surgery pricing includes Surgeon fee, Facility fee, Anesthesia fee, Post-op garments, Pre-op and Post-op appointments. (Exact pricing can only be determined following an in-person consultation.)

Cash, all credit cards, and cashier’s check are accepted. Medical financing via CareCredit is also accepted. For some procedures, Dr. Dulin accepts insurance from BCBS and United Healthcare. However, he does not accept any insurance for FFS procedures. Contact your employer’s HR department or call your insurance company benefit line and ask if they cover transgender procedures or if you have a policy exclusion. If they do cover transgender surgery, ask about requirements to qualify. Dr. Dulin does not accept Medicaid or Medicare.

Surgery Requirements

  • Hormone therapy: Minimum of 12 months for Metoidioplasty and Orchiectomy.
  • Two letters: One from licensed therapist and if on HRT, one from physician who monitors hormones.