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Restore Med Center Brings Gender-Affirming Surgeries Back to South Florida

Despite the dissolution of two transgender surgery programs in Miami earlier in 2019, transgender and non-binary Floridians now have newly improved access to transgender surgical care through Restore Med Center.

Dr. John Whitehead - Vaginoplasty Miami FloridaDr. John Whitehead of Restore Med Center in Miami was trained in the art of gender reassignment surgery by Dr. Harold Reed, the now-retired urologist who performed transgender surgeries for decades in Miami before his retirement earlier this year.

Coupled with the near total dismantling of the gender affirmation surgery program at the University of Miami, Dr. Reed’s retirement would have left a big gap in trans surgical care in South Florida were it not for Dr. Whitehead. His commitment to honor the legacy of Dr. Reed and serve the needs of the transgender community means better access to timely and affordable care for patients seeking gender-affirming surgery in Florida.

Dr. Whitehead is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, a professional organization devoted to the understanding and treatment of gender dysphoria. Along with his husband Dr. Alain Ramirez, a Yale-trained anesthesiologist, Dr. Whitehead founded Restore Medical Center to give back. As members of the LGBT community, they understand the importance of providing compassionate and respectful health care.

Dr. Whitehead performs Vaginoplasty, Vulvoplasty and Orchiectomy for patients on the trans feminine spectrum, as well as Top Surgery and Hysterectomy for those seeking masculinization. At $20,000, he maintains one of the lowest cash prices for Vaginoplasty in the country, and accepts insurance and medical financing.

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2 thoughts on “Restore Med Center Brings Gender-Affirming Surgeries Back to South Florida”

  1. I recently had a zero depth labioplasty done by Dr. Whitehead and Dr. Rodriguez. I’m 7 weeks into my recovery and because of their knowledge and sharing it with me have left few surprises. There wasn’t a question that was unanswered. Post surgery I had Dr. John’s cell number and if he didn’t answer his response was within the hour. During my 10 days of recovery near his facility I was visited every day. Yes a Dr. that makes house calls.
    From the initial online consultation till the last visit 3 weeks after surgery I couldn’t ask for better understanding of what was going to happen to me and what would be expected from me after surgery. I loved his candor no holds barred response to my questions. It was all “matter of fact” and I APPRECIATED that!
    Sadly this is a situation that I’ll only need Dr. Whitehead once in my life.
    If you are considering GRS or his other services please consider him.
    Thanks, Dr. John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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