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North Carolina Surgeon Introduces New FTM Top Surgery Procedure

buttonhole-largeDr. Hope Sherie has developed a new technique for FTM chest reconstruction that prioritizes nipple-areola size, positioning, sensation and pigmentation, while avoiding extra incisions or free nipple grafts.

With the Buttonhole Technique, the nipple-areolar complex (NAC) is re-sized and re-positioned, but left attached via a thin dermal pedicle, preserving nerves and blood supply. The NACs are then brought through chest wall at appropriately positioned circular incisions and sutured into place, avoiding the extra incisions of Inverted-T, and the issues of de-pigmentation, scarring and loss of sensation associated with free nipple grafts.

In an initial trial of 10 patients with varying body compositions and breast sizes, Dr. Sherie reported excellent cosmetic results and 100% nipple viability and sensation retention.

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dr-hope-sherieDr. Hope Sherie is a board-certified surgeon who has extensive training in transgender surgery procedures. Dr. Sherie offers trans men and women the highest level of surgical care at her practice in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she is a member of the Charlotte Transgender Health Care Group. Dr. Sherie specializes in: FTM Top Surgery, MTF Breast Augmentation and Hip/Buttock Augmentation, Orchiectomy and Body Sculpting with VASER hi-definition liposuction.

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