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Dr. Kenan Celtik

Highly Trained Gender Surgeon Specializing in Genital Surgery

Dr. Kenan Celtik, MD is a Reconstructive Urologist who has dedicated his practice to gender-affirming genital surgery. Dr. Celtik is fellowship-trained in Gender Surgery and has received 15 years of advanced education from some of the most highly regarded academic hospitals in the United States. Prior to completing the prestigious Reconstructive Urology, Urologic Prosthetics and Gender Affirming Genital Surgery Fellowship at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, Dr. Celtik trained alongside world-renowned experts in female pelvic reconstruction, robotic surgery and neurourology. With his elite training, deep expertise in complex genitourinary reconstruction, and a strong commitment to excellence, Dr. Celtik is uniquely positioned as a Gender Surgeon.

Dr. Celtik offers primary and revision robotic Peritoneal Flap Vaginoplasty, Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty, Orchiectomy, Vulvoplasty/Minimal Depth Vaginoplasty, Metoidioplasty, Scrotoplasty, Phalloplasty, Testicular and Penile Implants, and revision of complications of both masculinizing and feminizing surgery. Dr. Celtik practices exclusively with the Crane Center for Transgender Surgery in Greenbrae, California, just north of San Francisco.

Professional Memberships:

  • World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)
  • The Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons (GURS)
  • Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA)
  • American Urological Association (AUA)

Focus on Peritoneal Vaginoplasty

Dr. Celtik has a special interest is robot-assisted Peritoneal Flap Vaginoplasty. During his five-year surgical residency in Houston, he participated in over 500 robotic surgeries while focusing on minimally invasive surgical techniques. Dr. Celtik offers the peritoneal approach with both primary Vaginoplasty and revisional surgeries.

Additionally, Dr. Celtik is experienced with and frequently performs the Penile Inversion method of Vaginoplasty.

“I strive to optimize function, minimize risk and educate my patients through every step of their journey.” – Dr. Kenan Celtik

Masculinizing Bottom Surgery

Dr. Celtik has extensive training and experience with masculinizing genital surgeries, including penile implants and complex urological repairs. He performs all flavors of Metoidioplasty, from Simple Meta to the Belgrade method with Vaginectomy and urethral lengthening (Full Meta). At The Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Celtik worked with one of the innovators of Metoidioplasty, Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic, and Dr. Rajveer Purohit, Director of Reconstructive Urology. To optimize Metoidioplasty results for his patients, Dr. Celtik can perform a Mons Resection to remove fat from the mons pubis area and give the neophallus a more anatomically correct position.

Dr. Celtik also offers several different approaches to Phalloplasty: RFF, ALT, MLD and Abdominal, either with or without urethral lengthening.

Dr. Celtik uses a modified Hoebeke Technique for Scrotoplasty, commonly referred to as “VY Scrotoplasty.” This method uses labial flaps that are rotated and advanced to create a single sac scrotum that hangs in front of the legs.

With both Metoidioplasty and Phalloplasty, patients have the option of getting silicone- or saline-filled testicular implants. Similarly, Phalloplasty patients have a choice between three different types of erectile implants: the semi-rigid malleable rod, and 2-piece or 3-piece inflatable devices. Dr. Celtik is very experienced with penile implants and committed to optimizing implant surgeries for both functional and cosmetic satisfaction.

Dr. Celtik operates at California Pacific Medical Center – Davies Campus and St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, and Greenbrae Surgery Center and Bon Air Surgery Center in Greenbrae.

Dr. Celtik collaborates with microsurgeon Dr. Charles Lee for Phalloplasties.

Surgery Requirements
Dr. Celtik follows WPATH guidelines for surgery:

  • You will need to provide two referrals from qualified mental health professionals.
  • A letter from your hormone specialist stating you have been on 12 months of continuous hormones, unless clinically contraindicated.
  • Age 18+

Financing & Insurance
The Crane Center accepts insurance and is in-network with Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Shield of California, Sutter Select, Western Health Advantage, and San Francisco Health Plan. The Crane Center has also had success billing out-of-network with Aetna, Group Health, Harvard Pilgrim, Health Net, HealthPartners, Medica, most managed Medi-Cal plans, Pacific Source, Sharp Health Plan and United Healthcare. Out-of-state Medicaid and Medicare are not accepted.

Booking a Consultation
Dr. Celtik is available for virtual, phone or in-person consultations. The consultation fee is the insurance co-pay. To book a consult, contact Dr. Celtik’s office by clicking the Send Inquiry button and you’ll hear back with more details about how to prepare for your consultation.