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Why Transgender Conferences Are Essential If You’re Considering Surgery

We’re now midway through the 2018 transgender conference calendar year and moving into full swing with today’s opening of registration for the ever-popular Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, and the largest gathering on the West Coast—Gender Odyssey—a few months away. Testament to the popularity of these events, both conferences are celebrating their 17th anniversary this year.

Transgender conferences are a great place to connect with Surgeons, as well as peers and mentors. Many of the annual conferences offer Surgeon- and peer-led workshops that offer detailed information about gender reassignment surgery procedures, preparation and recovery. The surgery “Show & Tell” sessions are always packed! And for good reason: being able to view surgery results and access first-hand information in the intimate, in-person setting of a conference is a rare opportunity for many attendees. Surgeons also make themselves available for informal Q&A, and some even offer free, on-site, private consultations.

For those considering surgery, conferences offer the chance to learn about your options in depth, get advice from people who have had surgery, and consult with multiple Surgeons while saving on consult fees and travel costs. Indeed, many trans men and women consider attending transgender conferences to be an essential step toward preparing for gender reassignment surgery.

Gender Odyssey's GO Medical Program

GO Medical: Seattle, August 10-11, 2018

GO Medical is a new two-day program taking place at the Gender Odyssey conference in Seattle this August. GO Medical will feature presentations by gender surgeons as well as professionals with expertise in hormones, hair removal, body contouring, and other treatments that transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals often seek. Additionally, GO Medical includes Meet the Doctor, which provides conference attendees the opportunity to meet privately with up to five gender surgeons for 15 minutes each.

The following surgeons will be participating in GO Medical:

Dr. E. Antonio Mangubat

Dr. Tony Mangubat, MD‘s La Belle Vie Cosmetic Surgery is a longtime Gender Odyssey sponsor and this year’s presenting sponsor. Dr. Mangubat is the most experienced Surgeon offering transgender surgeries in the Pacific Northwest. Joining him will be Dr. Dreveskracht who was chosen in 2016 to join Seattle’s busiest gender surgery center, La Belle Vie Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Scott Mosser

Dr. Scott Mosser, MD has been helping transgender patients for more than 10 years. Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Mosser is California’s FTM Top Surgery and Breast Augmentation expert.

Dr. Heidi Wittenberg - Transgender Surgery San Francisco

Dr. Heidi Wittenberg, MD is an experienced urogynecologist and reconstructive pelvic surgeon in San Francisco who works exclusively with trans patients, offering female-to-male and male-to-female bottom surgery. Dr. Wittenberg is the director of MoZaic Care, which specializes in gender affirming genital and pelvic surgeries.

Dr. Joel Beck

Dr. Joel Beck, MD, FACS is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has been performing transgender surgery procedures since 2003. Based in the Bay Area, Dr. Beck’s practice focuses on Facial Feminization Surgery, Breast Augmentation, FTM Top Surgery, Body Contouring, and Hair Restoration.

More Surgeons participating in GO Medical:

  • San Francisco Transgender Institute / The Buncke Clinic
  • The Meltzer Clinic – Dr. Toby Meltzer
  • Brownstein Crane Surgical Services
  • Office of Marci Bowers, MD

You can find a list of more transgender conferences scheduled in 2018 here.

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